Just because you can self-publish a book, does not mean you should.

Values of Harry Potter: Lessons for Muggles – by Ari Armstrong, published in 2008

This book is 98 pages long, not including the references, and I read 50 of them before I gave up.

This book is just lacks redeeming features.

Of the two chapters I made it through there were two arguments. That the protagonists defended their “values” while the antagonists didn’t, and that the protagonists came to their “values” by independent thought, while the antagonists got their values “second-hand”.

  1. Neither the term “values” or the idea of “second-hand values” are actually defined in the text. There’s no explanation of which values people are supposed to be defending, there’s no clear rationale given for how to tell if people got their values “independently” or not.
  2. By the time I tapped out the text was 2/2 for circular arguments. Voldemort wasn’t acting on his values… because he failed to defend his stated values. The protagonists developed values independently, but the antagonists didn’t… because they’re antagonists.
  3. I would probably have stuck out the other 48 pages worth of incoherent nonsense but the whole book reads like it was written by an eighth grader with a shaky grasp of grammar who still labours under the delusion that a bad argument can be shored up with a thesaurus.

I still have no idea what this book was supposed to be about.


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